Do you speak English? Biomattone & Natural Beton too!

sito equilibrium multilingua

Cercavate di spiegare la bioedilizia realizzata con canapa  e calce a qualche amico straniero? Vi servono informazioni in inglese per una tesi, magari da realizzare all'estero? Equilibrium ha deciso di realizzare il proprio sito anche in inglese perché vogliamo che il nostro sapere possa andare oltre i confini!

Non potevamo non partire dal nostro... About us... per tutto il resto c'è il nostro sito in English!


Equilibrium is a holistic company which operates in the green construction industry, in the sector of natural building materials and technologies for energy efficiency, in the knowledge that energy efficiency and healthy environments have become key factors for a good quality of life, as well as being necessary conditions if a building is to maintain its value over time.

We are investing in the reduction of energy consumption in new and existing buildings and in the improvement of the living comfort of the occupants, through the application of building systems using natural insulation made from lime and hemp materials.

We are active members of organizations with whom we share the objective of regenerating the whole social, environmental and economic system.

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